When is a welfare cut not a welfare cut?

Its a welfare cut when John Mcdonnell will swim through vomit to vote against it. It’s a welfare cut when Jeremy Corbyn bases a leadership campaign on encouraging abuse of MPs who abstain on the vote for it. It’s a welfare cut when IDS resigns because even he thinks it;s a step to far. It’s a welfare cut at the same time as inflation increases food prices, hitting people on fixed incomes hard and those suffering that cut even harder. Its a welfare cuts when a judge says its impositin is causing misery for no good reason. It ceases to be a welfare cut when Jeremy Corbyn includes it in the manifesto and then the people who abused on MPs for abstaining, will abuse welfare claimants for saying it’s a welfare cuts.

Cos we looked from pig to man, man to pig, and nooone could tell the fucking difference. Except me. I could tell the difference. Cos at least Tory welfare cuts didnt come with an army of personal abuse demanding you pretend malnutrition tastes better under Labour.


10 thoughts on “When is a welfare cut not a welfare cut?

  1. This one we can completely agree on! Class issue in which posh people think they are entitled to poor people’s babies and the child itself has no independent existence other than a product meeting a desire. Most people uninvolved have sympathy because they don’t realise people aren’t adopting newborns any more.


  2. No worries. I just happen to have the time to stalk you at the moment due to the nature of the work I’m doing this week. Sorry! Local govt and child protection was in the Lab manifesto, by the way. No idea if it was “good” enough as it’s not my area – can do school funding until it’s out your ears (and lunches are better than breakfasts for implementation cost/benefit reasons) but not social services – but it was there. IIRC, more funding for LAs, something something planning/regeneration, no more contracting out of child protection, something something care leavers/kinship carers.

    You are weird. I like weird even when weird gets up my nose on occasion. Am also weird.


  3. ETA – the problem you have with Labour history here is that the die-hard Corbynistas do know it. IT WAS THE BLAIRITES, dontchaknow. And, in truth, it actually was. Unfortunately, it blinds them to the holes in the manifesto.

    (I still like caps lock.)


  4. Hahahahaha! No. My general point was that everybody – not just you – was bloviating from a position of ignorance and using NI as a proxy for their feelings about mainland politics. I don’t know enough to pronounce any more than I think you or all the others do, you know? I have thoughts but, like everything about NI, they’re inconsistent, fuzzy and generally not a positive contribution. One thing I’m sure of is that a Westminster confidence and supply deal is unacceptable during a period of Stormont collapse. On a personal level, I’d go one step further and say that I don’t think NI politics is yet sufficiently mature for such an arrangement at all – but half my in laws would slaughter me for saying that while the other half would pat me on the back. I see Holy Cross school has already been targeted. Let’s just hope bonfire season goes without incident.


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