Update: Because crisis

Broadbrush, the country changes every day. There is the terrible sense that Corbyn could ride the waves of system failure to Downing Street, but May appears to have stabilised. SHe is plodding, there are responses to Grenfell, Brexit talks are going disastrously, but the DUP deal has been struck. Chaminda said it seemed like the Tories had learned lessons from the election but Labour have not. Convinced they are heading to Downing St and able to hide a hard brexit, a sub gramscian stragegy of trying to destabilise the country and exploiting tragedy for partisan gain are unlikely to win people over long term. Jeremy Corbyn has told the families who voted for them he cant see them or the system failure that drove their vote and thinks it is students who caused his surge. He has discounted those people, and Remain voters and Paul Mason says if you want a Remain Party you need to go set up another party.

By and large underneath it things are stabilising, there is a road out of this summer with a stable country and a road to political consensus being reformed. Corbyn poses the biggest threat to that and should he enter Downing St we have a twitter POTUS, a twitter PM, Putin is delighted, and the its an unseemly end to the UK/Washington Consensus. We are in the half space where the future is refusing to be born, but we are definitely beginning labour pains.


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