The Canary. Question Time. Portland Conspiracy Theory.

So the Canary are on BBC Question Time this week. Last year the Labour Party was torn apart by a conspiracy theory they used, which resulted in real threats to people in real life. THis is who wrote it. A very vulnerable man Kerry Mendoza exploits because he will write such things.screenshot1screenshot2screenshot3screenshot4


This is the text., I had messaged, alarmed at the way this theory was being used.

‘ Yes, I hear you ­ and agree.
However, the collapse of the Labour party (which would be
the ideal outcome) will (IMO) no way be a bad thing. And
the more entrenched each side gets, the likelier that is to
happen. I assume you’re saying this because of what I’ve
been writing about. Therefore, if so ­ that’s my personal
rationale. I’m not wet behind the ears. If Corbyn WAS antiEstablishment,
he would’ve left the Labour party years
ago. Me adding some hefty fuel? Will quicken the process
of a fracture. xxx’

I’m not suddenly going to become
some Labour supporter, nor if Corbyn stayed in charge
would I vote for them. Obviously. I just see an opportunity
with this crisis, that’s all. I was hoping Brexit might have
had more of an economic impact than it has. Sadly that
hasn’t yet materialised… x

See? You know what my ideal scenario would be.
Economic and political collapse. Would be bloody, but
would be the best thing that could actually happen to
society. Somehow after Brexit, “they’ve” managed to
avoid it, which is bloody annoying. xx”


This was the reason the Portland Conspiracy site was written, the one that Len McCluskey cited. This is who BBC Question Time are having on, Tis is what they sell.




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