Glastonbury and the De Facto PM

This week, after a tragic fire, several terror attacks, and a catastrophic election campaign Jeremy Corbyn enjoyed a one point lead in opinion polls that could be margin for error. There has been a cyber attack on parliament, a tragedy at a tower block rooted in 30 years disenfranchisement and erosion of housing responsibilities, and Brexit negotiations in full swing, Jeremy Corbyn’s followers say Jeremy is our De Facto Prime Minister.

The man who woke up the morning after Brexit demanding we immediately trigger Article 50 without knowing what it was, is at Glastonbury. He told 250quid a ticket holders about a politics for the many, not the few. He tells them this is a new politics, and his version of using welfare cuts to pay for a tuition fee bribe was the true socialist conclusion to a fake anti-cuts movement fuelled by those welfare cuts. This while single mothers with toddlers go to the High Cour themselves and have the welfare cap he retained in Labour’s manifesto, ruled unlawful and cruel.

He poured 7quid a head beers and told an excited crowd about the new socialism where social workers, cash transfer system workers, housing workers, local authorities, don’t need trade unions because he and his posh mates do. Armies of weak minded weirdos will spend their days hunting down working class people to abuse for disloyalty to a Labour left who inherited power and passed it down through elite institutions.

It has been extraordinary to see the last few years. Austerity was not only the end of the post war settlement, but the reflex which exposed the Labour left. And as they demonstrated they would use austerity to completely disenfranchise millions of people for their own gain, we reached the end. System failure.

Grenfell was a crisis wihch should expose some of it. Those mums at the High Court were another. I don’t judge people for how they deal with tragedy but it is actually disturbing watching the real time rejuvenation Jeremy Corbyn gets from the tragedy, abuse and misery of the people he wont return trade unions to. Its disturbing to see a man look twenty years younger, as a response to tragedy which should lead any normal person to reflect and feel some pain.

Corbyn’s destabilisation strategy of exploiting tragedy hasn’t worked. 35% think Corbyn would be best PM, 34% think May, and 30% are unsure. The public know this man is disgusting and dont quite know what to do because May is so catastrophic.

Jeremy Corbyn has used this period to demonstrate who he is. An upper class waster, willing to destabilise a country who feeds on the corpses from tragedy like a vampire, while ensuring the only protest working class people have is death, abuse by the state and tragedy.

The De Facto PM is in fact the sitting PM, dealing with Brexit negotiations, Camden, Grenfell, the fallout from Grenfell, and several terror attacks, including a cyber attack on Parliament today. Not the sociopath parasite rejuvenated by the deaths of working class people, in a field telling 250 a week ticket holders about this new version of socialism he has discovered, where welfare cuts ruled unlawful and cruel by a judge, can pay for a tuition fee bribe.


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