Missive from chaos

xBrexit talks have begun. David Davies says he is going to get the deal of a lifetime, and it may be true but not in the way he hopes. We’ve been pretending for a year that Brexit isn’t us balkanising ourselves, that a country with a reputation for stability and a function as an Atlantic Bridge isn’t destroying itself in an act of reckless self regard and delusion. When this started, the Brexiteers had the potential for a major alliance with Trump and Le Pen providing us a new role in a world that is now not going to happen. Thank God. There was no mistaking the support for that. The UK is now the source of the Dickhead Spring, which turned out to be premature and flaccid.

There are Ministers and Opposition on the television saying what kind of Brexit they want. Like it even matters at this point. They’ve had a year. We have wandered into divorce negotiations with 27 countries with less prep than I did for my maths Standard Grade. We essentially have no government, and as the DUP and the Conservatives conclude what appear to be unsuccessful talks, and the Queen is waiting to find out what she is to read tomorrow, we are in turmoil. The divorce will conclude quickly andthen we will be told what terms to accept.

Grenfell Tower has been the catalyst for our inequality crisis, and am not sure anyone in power knows we are also sat on system failure in our cash transfer and local authorities, but watching the wheels turn to protect inequality is nauseating. We have communist strategists at the head of the Labour Party, their commentators quoting Gramsci, and a repeat of what they did with Brexit: Exploit instability for own gain. John McDonnell tried to incite a million people to te streets to be dealt with by the same firefighters and police exhausted by London Bridge, and Grenfell, and now the attack at Finsbury Park. Corbyn wants a hard Brexit, and is willing to do what he needs to to get it. Labour MPs are helping, in the belief they can contain him. They can’t.

British muslims have every right to be worried, the hate preachers demanding their abuse are on state funded television and commercial radio, and the day terrorists started using cars as weapons this was guaranteed. Inequality is about power relations and power relations mediated by post war institutional relations have broken down.

We have no government, we have political risk as opposition, we have system failure and we are in the middle of balkanising ourselves. Our only hope is the EU and pragmatism preventing them giving us the spanking we deserve. The biggest barrier to further EU integration s gone, our threat has ensured we must be contained, even if the instability we are generating didn’t mean that.

Undearneath it all realism is creeping in. There is a terrifying sense that Corbyn and his thugs will be able to use system failure, but they are really using the summer to show everyone exactly what they are. I think by the end of the summer, the party system itself has come into question. It may be there is a bright new dawn coming, but this summer is frightening and we have the extreme wings of the Tory and Labour Party trying desperately between them break the country. I don’t think we can be broken but I think it may be a while before we come through this.

I don’t think anyone in any place that matters understands how unstable we are, our political class are still like narcissisus wasting away watching their own reflections through twitter, and watching them devour tragedy and generate instability through twitter, is a sight I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

If we get through the summer, and the Tories hold on we could begin to sanity restored but the risk posed by Murray, McDonnell and Corbyn is very real and they view a nation in crisis as their 1917 moment, and we may not have sufficient institutional resilience to prevent it.

Its not the suffering of the poor that creates political instability. We are ignored. Inequality is by consent, everyone chose this over a long period of time and now they will do anything to avoid recognising that including handing democracy to a bunch of violent Oxbridge thugs. Its notable that as our inequality crisis reached its peak, our biggest source of political risk was demonstrating how completely elite social closure of the power of labour itself and a complete undoing of the enfranchisement of the working class, as  movement to restore hope.


It may well be under all this chaos there are good things. The extreme right have burnt out, there is no way to say the British public have not comprehensively rejected them repeatedly. The country is crying out for a new political consensus. BUt we have to get to the end of the summer. We have to make it through as a democracy. We have to move past the Toytown trot thugs, and that’s not going to be easy. It may not be possible. By autumn hard brexit plus austerity will be electoral poison and it may be that the hope comes in what both political parties have to do to make amends for this summer.


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