A long, hot, summer.

So I can hardly focus on what happened since last time. There have been two terrorist attacks, and an appalling Tory campaign which blew the myth of a British public craving the far right. Labour’s manifesto paid for a tuition fee bribe with welfare cuts, and Corbyn and Co now feel they are on their way to Downing Street. There are alarming signs, there really are, people are tied. System failure is becoming evident to everyone and its difficult to ascertain the extent of it but the system failure I know of covers social care, child protection and our cash transfer system and it is the result of a central belief system shaping institutions it cannot see. Corbyn and Co have continued to demonstrate how austerity would be used to create complete elite social closure of the power of labour, and are now trying to generate enough instability to take the country. Which is bizarre because they will probably win an election if they dont, although they appear to believe they won last weeks.

A summer of Corbynmania means a summer of threats, intimidation and a very serious unstable elite left showing the country what they are made of but this could be the new Trump. Putin is out of options, Trump is being investigated, and Le Pen lost. The dickhead spring has fizzled out and Putin only has one card left with the views required to be a threat to the EU and NATO and that is us. Jezwecan. Its not absolutely clear at this point if the British public are tired from the system failure the labour left prevented us examining, and the Labour Party moderates are happy for a democratic centralist cult who rely on abuse, intimidatoin and gaslighting to be normalised. Journalists like Abi Wilks are pretending to the public they have not seen their friends being terrorised and everyone is being sold cuddly Uncle Jez.

Renfell Tower had not finished burning and Uncle Jez had apparently diagnosed a cause of fire without the fire even being out, and even as people were escaping, injured, beig taken to hospital, dying, he decided to exploit the tragedy by declaring a cause to the fire and using it to gain political points. John McDonnell, who is clear parliament is a tactic and he has been waiting his whole life for this kind of instability has ‘summoned the Unions’ to assist him in bringing a million people to the streets. He has spotted the pond we are all skating on has cracking ice and has started to jump up and down in the hope there will be warm water underneath. The pampered fantasies of a man whose only purpose has to provide an obnoxious and dangerous seal to the Labour Party.

We don’t have a government, although a deal is being done with the DUP who are appalling but not the 1980’s caricature we knew. I find myelf in the very new position of hoping the Tories can pull it together. Silver Linings: Tories have to find solutoins to our social care, and welfare crisis, now. Hard Brexit and the perception we wanted it, is done. While Corbyn and McDonnell try to sabotage them, there are talks going on between the Conservatives and Labour about compromise to achieve stability and a sane Brexit. I have a strange feeling we will end up with a far right, hard left coalition, trying to stymie Brexit and make it hard and threatening to the EU, with Labour offering bribes to middle class students, and the Tories coming over all soft and cuddly and working with other centrist MPs. We are in a major political realignment. Its not like last year or the year before where you knew were in a state of anticipation, air still till the tension broke. Tension broke. Completely. We are now in the serious stages of crisis and because people don’t know or understand how serious this is, they can only see the Tories and the need to get them out. Because journalists like Abi Wilks and Owen Jones have told people Corbyn et al are harmless they do not recognise political risk in him and the Guardian, New Statesman and the MPs abused last summer have bended the knee.

I have been abused all week, and its bizarre to realise that that abuse is not only sanctioned by a political party, its done on their behalf, and everytime Corbyn catches cold a woman has to sneeze. Or be swarmed, abused and threatened. I find myself for the first time praying the Tories hold it together and other parties can work together. The British public dealt with the far right, and this is now our only defence against the hard left.

Power relations are being exposed ad the reality of inequality and its hard to believe the scale of what happened at Grenfell Tower. In years to come this will be an important period to study am sure, but livig through it is terrifying. Truth is dead. Truth is gone. Rule of law has been undermined by government. Selling democracy is a hard thing post austerity. and the same culture I documented here manufacturing a fake anti-cuts movement so they could help sell austerity, are ready to be our biggest risk. I wish I had a window into the future.

I am really lucky, I can usually see long term shifts, often before other people. I cant see past the end of the summer. I dont know what happens now. Crisis upon crisis which expose the inherent contradictions in systems, as well as generating institutional resilience and new goals. This is it. The cold water started, hold your nose. The unraveling is almost done and now we are in the chaos where we must forge a new settlement. And hope the chaos can be stabilised. The world is looking at us, quite rightly, as a source of instability and risk, and we will stabilise or we will be contained.


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