So President Trump has turned out to be a comedy show. Tragedy as farce. The question now moves on. Noone gets their ‘Ding Dong Witch is Dead’ moment.

Outcome 1: Trump resigns/is impeached/melts and Pence becomes President.

He is much more competent than Trump with the added bonus of being just as batshit. Hard to see how the GOP don’t see this is as the ideal outcome and hard to see how it will be avoided. The office of POTUS being devalued is not an option and everyone feels relief that the incompetent man baby is gone and Pence enjoys a strengthened mandate. Women are fucked. Ethnic Minorities. LGBT community. Politics as usual.

Institutional resilience test of Trump serves as a warning to those with power and we all move onto a toxic new normal. While the liberal left scream vindication at Trump leaving.


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