Trump: The Long Fart

For the world’s scariest dictator, noone is afraid to mock or ridicule Trump. The fears of 1984 are overplayed. Doublespeak and that level of control requires people to buy into that system. That isn’t happening. While we are looking for our 1984 moment we are ignoring that this is 2017. Trump is incompetent, vain, stupid, and doesn’t appear to know how to operate the machinery he sits on. While every liberal this side of the universe is shouting about resisting Trump, the real problem may be much bigger.

The best strategy with Trump may be to sit back, use him as a test of institutional resilience and let him fuck himself over. The problem he poses is not addressed by this. He is President of the United States and every test of institutional resilience has to undermine that office and isolate it. Resisting Trump means the office has to be devalued.

I am not one to share posts from Conservative Home(although I read it occasionally) but it may be time to differentiate the passenger from the driver.

We have international crisis played out as dinner theatre, facebook pictures of the guy who carries the nuclear codes, and the endless stream of twitter stupidity. We have gamergate in the Whitehouse and Putin is delighted. And I doubt he is the only one. While this office is made ridiculous a space opens up for power to realign and resisting Trump is what will create that space.

There is no choice but to limit the power of a man baby in that office.

The question of whether you are in conflict with someone doesn’t depend on your participation or awareness. I don’t want to type the words but the Catch 22 Trump represents is uniquely dangerous.

How long can Russia be at war with us, while we pretend it isn’t so? How long can we pretend that Europe is not bookended by threats and how long can we pretend that the vacuum created by a narcissistic man baby as the first twitter president(and his lefty mirror image as leader of the opposition here) is not dangerous? Obama was not a saint. Obama did not understand the threat Russia posed and I wonder how long before we are dragged from slumber to recognise the situation we are in.

We have a political class who by their nature cannot reflect on power dynamics, and those dynamics are changing rapidly. How long before we realise the situation we are in? And how long before they do?


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