Trump: Week 2

Rachel and I started the morning laughing like witches at this in the Washington Post. I might be frightened but my daughter thinks President Trump is hilarious. It’s hard to know how to top a first week that started with an inauguration speech that made Hitler look subtle and ended with him accusing John McCain of trying to start World War 3. The one thing I know about narcissists is that all accusations are admissions. Marie Le Pen has a clear lead in the French Presidential Elections and we are all holding our breath. The Washington Post says a bill might be passed that means we can’t have crazy bastard future Presidents, which is not reassuring given the US press is now stating openly they have a President who doesn’t know the difference between reality and twitter. The world holds its breath, sure that something can be done. A bit of me hopes that this can all be sorted quickly and we scared ourselves enough to say never again, but we sold politics to the rich and a crazy mantoddler billionaire bought the most powerful office in the world, I’m not sure how you get to never again from there without the large scale events that usually teach such lessons.


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