Dear Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell,

I watched you on Peston virtue signalling about Trump, and I read your tweets discussing opposition to Trump. How fucking dare you. You are currently aligned with Trump and deliberately and wilfully enabling fascism for your own gain. You deliberately undermined the campaign to Remain in the EU, at huge cost. On the day after the Brexit vote John McDonnell used the chaos to summon thousands of people to Parliament Square to send a message to the world you were using Brexit to take control of the Labour Party. Over the summer you told the electorate loud and clear that astroturf owned by Jon Lansman was a replacement for parliamentary democracy. That you believed you had the right to replace the complex and competing mandates an MP had, with bullshit astroturf. You actively encouraged abuse of women, including your own MPs and behaved like an abusive spouse, terrorising your own MPs, like Trump you called it a movement. You have threatened MPs to force Brexit through, even as it has become clear it could push the UK into being the source of a fascist coalition that tears apart Europe and the World. You have formed a protective seal around our democracy, actively preventing the Labour Party from functioning as parliamentary opposition. You have actively and visibly undermined MPs like Keir Starmer as they have tried to protect democracy. You have denied us an essential parliamentary tension as we descend into the worst crisis we have ever seen. You have supported Trump in this way every step of the way. Your communications director, like Trump, is firmly aligned with Putin. You, like Trump, are surrounded by anti-semitism and the Labour Party ceased to be safe for jewish MPs because of you. You are currently deliberately and wilfully enabling Trump, just as the astroturf you generated was entirely the product of whitewashing consensus on austerity that we desperately needed to discuss, while women paid. An MP your supporters are trying to deselect, Peter Kyle, was the ONLY MP to stand up for those women and the work of Jess Philips and other MPs on this has not seen a single iota of support from you.

How fucking dare you paralyse our democracy to enable and support a man like Donald Trump, lock us into a Brexit that pushes us into his arms, and then wave a fucking placard and pretend you are opposing him. You go on about the ‘right side of history’. History can see you wilfully enabling and aiding fascism, and we will not forget. You are a disgrace and if it was not for the solid work of MPs you are threatened by and threaten, we Trump would see no opposition in the UK. When you have renounced astroturf and pretend movements designed to usurp democracy, systematic abuse of women, and cease preventing opposition to brexit you get to say you are opposing Trump. Until then history is watching you both. You are despicable and we will never vote for you.


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