Robust institutions

It’s been quite a weekend. The executive orders drafted by Steve Bannon and Trump have blown up, massive protests, a judge providing a stay. Abusers never ever jump straight into what they want to do, they spend some time testing the waters. See how far they can go, they see what resistance they are likely to meet. While most abusive relations are an extension of normal dynamics, with really nasty people there is a process where they check what will stand in their way. As a response to the executive orders that have been drafted, we have seen protests, we have seen lawyers and according to journalists who are watching this, we are seeing the differing responses of institutions. Will customs officals obey one body or the other. Who will act as a check and balance and who will do what the White House wants, even if if is unconstitutional. THis is a complex face off that will reveal how strong the institutional structure of the US is, how many checks and balances function. This is more important to watch than the protests. This is what will tell you and Steve Bannon where this goes next.


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