Why I recorded the final years of the Liberal Class

Inequality is cyclical. Our economy is cyclical. It was evidence that neo liberalism was breaking down and that the abusive reflex response to financial instability, that we called austerity, was us nearing the end of that cycle. I wanted to make sure that when we evaluated what happened in these important years there was a record of the people who maintained that seal around democracy being asked, directly, to consider the seriousness of the situation. I wanted to record that happening and their response. Not for now. But for later. Because it’s important to understand that they knew. That people begged them to move aside. That this was not accidental. That the people who maintained this seal did not do so because they didn’t know. That they were asked directly to consider what they were doing and they were told how serious it was and didn’t care and that they refused to act even when the threat facing the world was great.


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