What is Brexit?

I think we need a coversation, and to start asking a question. I am very impressed with everyone’s knowledge of trade negotiations, especially as much of it is recently obtained. We need to start asking what is Brexit? And we need to start thinking about geography and the size of the island we occupy. I don’t know if it’s just me that has noticed the new axis of Dickhead Spring, or the bookending of Europe with threats. I don’t know if anyone has considered we will not survive a role as an Atlantic Bridge in the event of conflict between US and Europe. We will not survive taking sides in such a conflict. We would be writing our own history if we did so. I know our Foreign Office has taken a boot in recent years, but am fairly sure that historically we had the kind of expertise that would inform our actions in situations like this. But the debate about this actually appears to be a debate which includes words like Remainers and Remoaners. And I’m going to be honest with you, this crisis has metastised since the Brexit referendum and now includes  President Trump.

The most people voted for was an orderly departure from a very significant set of trading relations.

We appear to be threatening our neighbours with no consideration of the seriousness of the situation we are placing ourselves in, of geo political context, and with no understanding of the possible long term consequences of this. Or of how fucking small a country we are. Or the change in status and power we are requesting. And am adjusting to the consensus on leaving the fucking single market, and the self harm in such an act when done to appease a fear of the foreign that a period of economic decline should sort anyway. And the opposition who have been willing it on and have paralysed themselves with the same astroturf that delivered President Trump. So. What do we do? What the fuck.


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