A post to mark the end of the post war settlement and the last day of neo liberalism

The post war settlement just ended. Neo liberalism is no more. ‘”Fascism is not in itself a new order of society. It is the future refusing to be born” Nye Bevan.

The final phase began with the fall of Lehman Brothers, and ended today. I became viscerally aware the post war settlement was ending when equality was rolled back for working class women, their ability to protect themselves and their children from abuse was removed. I was reminded that as a care leaver my identity and survival was a fluke of late 20th century institutional arrangements. Arrangements which I always understood to be in flux, in the way most understand the moods of their family. In some small way this blog chronicles how it happened. The demonstration of how the radical left violently prevented anyone discussing a consensus that was over, to protect a liberal left tied to an economics that Keynes and Hayek both knew had to end.  Now they are coalesced around a narcissist occupying the opposition bench of the House of Commons and aligned with Trump.

Our benefits system played out Road to Serfdom and women lost their children and we were abused as a reflex response to financial instability so our political class didn’t have to acknowledge what the financial crisis meant. It turned out the disciplines who were supposed to understand this shit was cyclical, deliberately forgot and they can’t even see the context they exist in, never mind the context changing around them and thought that abusive reflex was the best way to deal with things. I found out in 2010 when I was told to reimagine my relationship with the state, that I was changed context our political class were not aware of. The reconstruction in peoples understanding of power happened. While the West was playing checkers, Putin was playing chess.

Our political class don’t understand the rules of the game as global power realigns and every country in the world enters this new game. We start the process of forging the settlement that I am sure one day will break down under the weight of its own flaws, as this one did. I don’t know what happens now. The rules are being rewritten around us and the old ones no longer apply. But we will always be able to rely on the tendency of human beings to habituate, and the care that defines the human relationships that guide that tendency, and eventually equilibrium will return.

Equality WAS temporarily rolled back for working class women as a response to a banking crisis. Our radical left, feminists, the liberal media, all worked to make sure that could happen without comment. THat reflex was part of what killed neo liberalism and led us down the road to what comes next. But a funny thing happened. It turned out that I was correct and you couldn’t just undo an evolutionary shift and roll back a 21st century society to the 19th century by the power of newspaper comment alone. All we did was generate crisis which showed up the flaws in our legislation, our institutions and which now need to be addressed and will. There is a reason Beveridge’s report was found in Hitler’s bunker. So I don’t feel hopeless even if am frightened. And if you are not frightened right now you are stupid.


11 thoughts on “A post to mark the end of the post war settlement and the last day of neo liberalism

    • Oh sweety, you are the one playing to an imaginary audience. I wonder what could have happened recently to bring a narcissist out? Hmm. Let me see. Er…She…er…no am stumped. It’s such a tedious pattern of behaviour, you can set your watch by it. I am going to assume I have your attention for a while? Well am flattered by your attention.


    • One of the really interesting things about narcissists is they cannot actually see the focus of their attention. They construct them because of their disordered perception. They construct them as an object onto which they project their own dysfunction. They hate the object but its actually themselves. Is why all accusations are admissions. So for instance with you, seeking me out to accuse me of your own dysfunction is basically you attacking yourself. Best to imagine a narcissist arguing with a mirror. When they engage in activity like the activity you are engaged in now, they are attacking themselves but their psyche wont let them know it. Its why activity like this spikes at certain times of night. I fully expect to have your attention for a while and am flattered by it but this is a reflective tool written for me and to maintain a record, so I don’t publish lots of comments, or encourage that. Which is why its so funny for you to play to an imaginary audience to attack yourself. Its a very interesting phenomena. You see it a lot in the voluntary sector, on twitter, in the media. It doesn’t hide itself that well though. It is amusing and it does amuse me. What should happen fairly soon, if I know you and am fairly certain I do is that you will start to make reference to the thing that connects us, and your syntax and the context of your abuse will tell everyone reading exactly who you are.


    • Oh look. You are still here. Interestingly the reason narcissist pick the people they focus on is they want to be like them. The narcissist can only see qualities they wish to possess. When the object of their attention reminds them they are the person they can never ever be, they resort to narcissistic abuse. Is why you sit up in the middle of the night watching the twitter feed and reading the blog of someone so you can play to an imaginary audience. Crazy as fuck. Still its better than doing it to vulnerable people. Your mind was already blown. Thats why you are playing to imaginary people and attacking yourself on the internet.


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