This blog has never been for readers. The point, for a long time has been to document my changing perspective as the post war settlement unravels. I knew by 2013 that the unravelling had fully begun, and I think history will remember 2016 as significant.  History tells us these kind of changes lead to events which eclipse those changes in the collective psyche.

Inequality leads to populism, financial to social to political crises. Since the financial crisis destroyed the credibility of an already waning economic orthodoxy, we have seen how this happens. In the UK social policy institutions used like a whip and causing a reconstruction in people’s understanding of power, and you can trace financial crisis, to social crisis, to populism. The economic orthodoxy that died has been hollowing out our institutions for thirty years. This blog documents the way in which lefty aristocracy exploited austerity to develop astroturf, and the front bench of House of Commons is occupied by populists. We now have President Trump and the same brand of populism, albeit with different stripe has just taken the White House.

Its not really a time to say what could happen, because so many things could. The election campaign was vicious and was notable as the election where Russia used their social media and media presence to impact the outcome. And succeeded. The election campaign saw an alignment of the British left and the euphemistically called ‘Alt-Right’ who have always worked in symbiosis anyway. My belief that political media had moved into a chatroom to die is challenged by the fact that power moved into a digital world and morphed. People’s Movement now means millionaire who can generate astroturf and wind down democracy completely if so wished.

This is not the most reflective post. Contains no insight really but if you are going to keep a blog of your changing perspective while something happens, seems odd not to mark the day your worst fears were confirmed.

Each age is a dream that is dying, or a new one coming to birth. Birth is messy and we all like to forget the pain and the blood as we watch a new child grow. There are some lessons every generation has to learn for themselves.


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