Ched Evans

Today the monstrous Ched Evans saga took a new twist. He was found not to be guilty of rape beyond reasonable doubt in a criminal court. He and his friends conspired to fuck a drunk woman without her consent, to film her, and at all points during the proceedings Ched Evans thought this was fine. He then actively encouraged his fans, his family, the media and social media to abuse the woman he did this to. A woman currently being named on twitter, even though there is no suggestion she has lied, fabricated or done anything but stand up when a wealthy footballer and his friends conspired to fuck her without her consent, and film it. For fun. Because they could.

Ched Evans is a rapist. Ched Evans can get his legal team to look at this because I am being clear right here, Ched Evans is a rapist. Ched Evans and his friends are a danger to women, deeply disturbed and Ched Evans IS a rapist. His guilt was not proved, but his name was not cleared, he was not found innocent and from his own statements on balance of probability he is a predator who is a danger to women and a rapist.

His guilt has not been proven beyond reasonable doubt n a criminal court, but as a woman I do not need that to know he is a risk. Because of men like Ched Evans I have to evaluate risk from sexual predators and rapists and he is a danger to women. ¬†On balance of probability, his statements show he is a deeply disturbed and predatory abuser who deliberately seeks out women and conspires to fuck them and film them regardless of their consent. He then abuses women with his money, his fame, his followers, the courts, the media. He is not only a physical risk to women, he is prepared to utterly destroy the women he abuses because he thinks he can. His name is not cleared. Women do not have to assume because his guilt cannot be proved to the burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt in a criminal court he is not a risk. By his own statements, by his own actions, by the culture he exists in, on balance of probability, he is a dangerous and manipulative predator who is a risk to women and girls. Those who stand by him know this and don’t care but that’s just the company he keeps.

Today Ched Evan’s name was not cleared. He was shown to be a predatory abuser of women, not only willing to conspire to rape and film rape without worry about the impact, but has demonstrated he is a man who will use every tool at his disposal to reabuse that woman. On balance of probability Ched Evans is a danger to all women and girls and is proud of it. Ched Evans avoided prison. Because no man should lose his liberty on balance of probability, but all women are entitled to treat him as a rapist and predatory abuser in ¬†culture of predatory rapists and abusers, because that is what he is.

Today rape prosecutions were set back 30 years and women all over the UK were told that even when they cant consent, they are consenting and that as long as they have had a previous sexual encounter they can be raped with impunity. Ched Evans is not only a rapist, a predatory abuser of women, but he has just increased the risk faced by all UK women. THis case is a landmark and I don’t think this saga is over. But here is a message for Ched Evan’s legal team: Ched Evans is a rapist and a predatory abuser of women and he has been absolutely clear that he has no remorse which means he is very likely to do this again.