Greg Hadfield

I have friends in Brighton, some lovely people. A few very committed Labour councillors, who even after my decimation of the Labour Party record in the last few years are my friends, because they are actually pretty hardworking and want to make the world better. When I say Labour are failing, they say yes, we are and how do we make it better.

It became distressing talking to them a while ago. Brighton and Hove CLP is the site of serious problems, which am sure Dispatches and Panorama covered well. The MP is Peter Kyle, the only Labour MP in a sea of blue that goes on for miles inland. For six years I have discussed equality being rolled back for working class mothers, talked about nothing except the way the family courts crisis, the loss of legal aid, and benefit cuts have returned women to a dangerous 19th century state. The Labour left, and Corbyns supporters abused me and defamed me for doing so because they wanted a pretend anti-cuts movemnt that didn’t discuss austerity and what it was doing. Peter Kyle is the only MP I have heard in 6 years discuss that situation, the first MP to make plain the seriousness of the courts abusing women for being abused and taking their kids.

Greg Hadfield is a misogynist bully, I have heard tale after tale of his upsetting and misogynist behaviour. He has decided that Brighton CLP don’t need an MP who speaks for the most vulnerable women in society. He has decided that the Labour Party is his new hobby and the country can face Tory rule for decades cos it doesn’t touch him. I didn’t realise it was Greg Hadfield on Panorama, and I mocked the moron who said the Battle for the Soul of the Labour Party was going to be fought on the streets of Brighton and Hove. Our faux revolutionary was very mockable. He searches for himself on twitter, narcissism or masochism I don’t know, but decided to showboat and call me out for calling him a knob. I hadn’t realised until that point who he was.

If this is a battle for the soul of the Labour Party, you have to decide. If the Labour Party’s soul is about an ex Senior Telegraph executive, ex Mail Journalist, Millionaire, bullying female councillors and activists, and trying to oust the only Labour MP who dared stand up for working class mothers, the only Labour MP in that area, then the Labour Party’s soul is that of  a spoiled right wing journalist. A member of the elite shouting Corbyn and reciting institutional mythology contained only in the cesspit of the Labour left. A man using his semi retirement from the papers who abuse working class women, to bully women, use union power needed for social workers, nurses and care workers, to sacrifice Britain’s democracy for his own ego. Socialist revolution this is not. Corbyn’s movement is for elite lefties in the middle of mid life crises and spoiled rich kids who will never have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

When Paul Mason says whose side are you on, I look at the likes of Greg Hadfield, and the price that the poorest people in the country will pay for his ego, and I know whose side am on. I think Paul needs to ask himself whose side he is on. Am on the side of democracy. Am on the side of MPs who work for their constituents, am on the side of female councillors who balance work with kids with serving their local area while being bullied by a millionaire ex Mail, ex Telegraph bigwig. Am on the side of MPs with competing mandates having the right to stand up to party leaders when they are wrong. Am on teh side of a system of government where parliamentary leader is not a permanent position and can’t be maintained by abusing female MPs until they have to live in a safe house. Am on the side of parliamentary authority not coming from mobs summoned to parliament Green, and being given carte blanche to abuse anyone they choose by the Leader of the Labour Party and the Shadow Chancellor. Am not on the side of pisshead millionaire bullies, who use austerity borne by women, union power stolen from women, so they can abuse women and dickswing in a glorious faux revolution that millions of the poorest people in the country will pay for. A bully who made his fortune abusing the poorest peple in the country. I wonder if he gave back his fat right wing press pension before he decided the country needed his version of socialism? I bet he fucking didn’t.


2 thoughts on “Greg Hadfield

  1. I do not know anything about this writer, Lisa Muggeridge – and this is the only article of hers I have read. As a newcomer to politics, I have been trying to understand what lies behind the chaos in the Labour Party since Jeremy Corbyn, thankfully, emerged. I have read Greg Hadfield’s writings about his suspension, and it is full of specifics – exact quotes, data, chronologies. All expressing his mystification about what has happened to him. I too am mystified but am persuaded by his reasoning. But this piece of especially, leaves me crushingly disappointed and dispirited. This article, which seems full of hearsay, insults & perjorative assertions for which no evidence is given, does not allow readers to make up their own mind. I have to call this out whenever I see it. But I am still perplexed why a seemingly thoughtful, educated, professional person, a parent to boot, writes with such visceral, unexplained hatred at an individual. Obviously, something bad has happened to them in the past with insufficient opportunity to process. But this outpouring is, to my mind, not helpful to anyone. It explains nothing, gives no solutions, elucidates no path. Is IMO incomprehensible ranting. But it IS hurtful to the individual targeted (I presume this was the intention) and sets a dreadful precedent for what is acceptable, useful, productive, reasoned and balanced. All the goals of a balanced mental health.


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