Note to Paul Mason

Paul, am sorry to do this but it’s beyond the pale now. You know I have always admired you. You have a stunning body of work, and I don’t know what is going on but I should clarify a few things for you. Your identity as a ‘Labour’ lefty appears to be clouding your judgement, it has definitely removed your ability to reflect on the power dynamics you are part of , it is leading you to behave appallingly.

You know how hard austerity has been, especially for women. What you don’t also know, because your identity is wrapped in a toxic version of leftism that working class women killed stone dead,  is what that austerity was doing. It stripped back at capacities to care from our benefits system, our social care system and most importantly our child protection system. None of these changes were sustainable, and now the inevitable crisis the attempt created will be addressed by a Tory government. The actions of you and your friends over the last few months mean my daughter will not know anything but Conservative government until she is well into adulthood. The same friends who spent 6 years attacking people who understood there was political consensus on these cuts, and who knew that these cuts were not deliverable.

You don;t know what child protection does, you don’t know the principles of care economics, you don’t actually understand the behaviour of cash transfer systems or the transformation that was just attempted. You don’t know why it’s failing. But it’s not interesting to you, it has served a purpose.

You remember 1983, when the battle reenactment you are engaged in actually happened, do you know what else happened? The war on welfare claimants started in earnest. Thatcher was unopposed because toytown lefties decided they wanted the Labour Party and the behaviour of that culture meant that Labour were unelectable for a long long time. You lament the loss of traditional paternalism in the working class. That paternalism was black eyes, and abuse of women and children, and in the period where deindustrialisation happened new professions emerged. Knowledge bases. Professionals who understood inequality, the relationship of inequality and abuse, ill health, education. They were women. You know of these services because you are currently using union power stolen from those women to play out your mid life crisis. UNISON said some cuts were ok and purged members who  challenged Labour, and itturns out we never had trade unions because of you and your friends. They were yours. The only voice those services had and your friends stole it. Paid for with our money but belonging to you and anyone who chose the word left at an elite university. We need to discuss direct democracy and activism, because your knowledge is lacking. This country has an astonishing history of successful activism and social movements. Don’t get me wrong trustafarian leftism has always been a dead end but we have mental health services, child protection, domestic violence services, and many other things because of successful activism. Those services were supposed to have trade unions, but they belong to you and your elite clique of white male friends who have never even used these institutions, never mind worked in them.

We desperately need direct democracy in this country. We rely on it.  We need to clarify what a grassroots movement is. Identify the location of control. If it is the front bench of the House of Commons and the only aim is to remove a major political party leader from democratic reach, its not grassroots. If the people in the inner sanctum are all Oxford, Cambridge, Winchester, Eton, its not grassroots. If they all need offshore tax arrangements for their serious fortunes, its not grassroots. Its astroturf.  This version of Labour activism is the same elite bullies who abused women, kids, social care users, so they could have a pretend anti-cuts movement which didn’t actually discuss austerity outside your lefty fantasy.

You have told the sheep following you that it is acceptable to abuse who they choose because we aren’t the people who pay for your vanity, we are torturers and wr mongers. Apparently its fine to threaten and target women and kids for the cause because we started the Iraq War. The women who suffered the austerity you exploit can be harassed, threatened, bullied, because that’s your way.

We need a political party but you have decided we can have unopposed Tories for years, so you can play out your mid life crisis. peddle conspiracy theories and play middle aged lefty. Take a look around you Paul. The white, wealthy boys around you with plums in their mouths, reciting bullshit leftism and ending each sentence with ‘Yah’ are all from Oxford, Cambridge, and most of them wont be touched by the next three decades of Tory rule. You and I both know who they are, we can both name them. We can both say which colleges they went to.

You pretend you can’t see the abuse of women your culture depend on, you pretend you can’t see they are using stolen union power, you pretend that you don’t know Peoples Momentum is astroturf and not a grassroots movement, and you pretend because this is your mid life crisis.  You pretend you don’t know that working class women had to kill that paternalism stone dead, because it was killing us, because we rose out of industrialisation with more skills and education than ever before and we refused to be subjugated by violence any more. You pretend not to know the austerity fuelling your mid life crisis is paid for by those women’s bruises. You can’t fight reality forever Paul. When your hangover from this is done, our hangover will be years and years of Tory rule. It will be the death of the welfare state. There will be no applause for you Paul. What you are doing to us is outrageous.

Apparently every steel town MP should await deselection. You have decided in your infinite wisdom they need Tory Mps or UKIP. They don’t. You have decided that parliamentary democracy now means you, and your very small group of elite friends, are the only mandate MPs need. MPs balance many mandates, constituents, voters, and at the end of the day Labour grassroots are the grunts who deliver leaflets. You want Labour to fight an election telling voters they no longer matter because you and your very small clique of elite friends say so. Labour are going to be decimated at the next election. They wont come back for a long time if they do. In Scotland that’s fine because they have the SNP, in England that leaves us with the Tories and UKIP.

Arron Banks is watching you manufacture astroturf and at some point it will be the far right on Parliament Green saying they are the only source of democratic mandate MPs need.

I don’t envy you. Directly trying to create a political vacuum in a country in crisis, trying to act out your Podemos fantasies is going to cost you dear. Luckily you are the elite and your BBC pension alone will see you right. The people who pay for this for generations won’t be so lucky. You get to fight a brutal war because you will never feel the bruises and the only thing that matters to you is battles that ended decades ago while we fight a war now without trade unions, a political party and with every attempt at activism derailed by the labour fucking left.. Lucky for some eh?


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