Dear James Schneider

Hi. You won’t know me. None of my friends went to Winchester, and we tend not to drift to Oxford and Cambridge because that’s what your set do, not mine. I am one of your base. It used to be that to be my democratic representative you had to earn it, I had to vote for you, but a media class emerged who squeezed voters out of the democratic equation and figured out social media allowed the creation of synthetic grassroots movements that could change that. I wanted to let you know I fully understand that your political views have changed, and the poor have gone from objects to be improved by the Tories, to objects improved by your dismantling the Labour Party(our democratic representation.  I understand completely.

Anyway I wanted to let you know that  protest and grassroots movements are the voice of the unheard. Not the voice of ex Winchester schoolboys who figured out that synthetic grassroots movements were a good way to dismantle political parties and gain political power. When you have the front bench of the House of Commons you don’t need protest. And centrally planned protests designed to remove the Leader of the Opposition from the democratic reach of their MPs, which rely on  bullying, abuse, intimidation and threatening elected representatives, are not grassroots movements.

I know you spend a lot of time listening to fairy stories about the last time the hard left faction of the Labour left decided we didnt need to oppose the Tories, but I wanted to fill you in on what the eighties were like for the people who paid for that. It was shit. For a long long time. Until Labour could show the public they were electable, things couldn’t change.

Anyway, this is not 1983. We are in the midst of a national crisis as our position in the world changes, and the political vacuum you are deliberately making worse is going to hurt millions of people. It’s going to be like the austerity you supported, then exploited, but on steroids. People will go hungry. People will lose their kids, their communities, their homes, get ill, die earlier. Because of your background you won’t ever meet these people. It won’t be you who suffers. But am sure the Tories will welcome you back with open arms once you have helped dismantle the Labour Party, and are already very grateful for you leaving them without parliamentary opposition.

Don’t worry about your youthful views. We all change as we get older and mature. BY the time you mature you will have the nice soft cushion your elite education and wealthy family give you and you will never meet the people who pay for yours. Such is life and the class system.


2 thoughts on “Dear James Schneider

  1. A real pity that you have abandoned the powerful critique you were once and I hope still are more than capable of making in favour of scapegoating Oxbridge / Russell Group idiots and blaming them for what seems to be most if not all the socioeconomic shit going down at the moment. I say this as a fan of yours and one who shares the contempt for the likes of Schneider, Jones, Bastani, Butler, Srnicek and the rest of these obnoxious Hoxton explainers. (Fucking idiots, every single one of them.) I think you’re well aware of the shall we say dissonance in your nostalgising for parties and trade unions which have *always* been there to serve capital and which in better, or less shit, days you have been much better at taking apart; I think you’re aware of this and that this quite repressive character explains the number and the anger of your attacks against the Twitterariat.

    I’m not having a go, or I AM having a go but only because upset seeing you waste time and energy on directionless attacks on targets who won’t be affected by it. At best it’ll be ignored and worst it’ll just bolster any messiah complexes that they’ve got. Corbyn and the Fully Automated Luxury Cunts may not be — and certainly aren’t — the answer or even close to one but Owen Smith or whatever other ‘moderate’ you care to name is still worse, much worse.

    All the best

    A fan


    • Its exactly the same network of people I have been discussing for five years. My interest is in how equality was rolled backa nd watching teh Labour left develop astroturf, using unions who were supposed t object and instead purged members, so that an elite left clique could do leave us without parliamentary opposition in a rerun of the 1980s is exactly the critique I have been developing for five years. It didnt suddenly stop being true because Jeremy Corbyn. Just as while austerity was destroying lives James Schneider was arguing the minimum wage should be rolled back and supporting the coalition is true. The power of a small network of elite boys to destabilise a country while stealing political power from women, exploiting austerity borne by women and relying on abuse of women is exactly what I was writing about in 2010 and this is the denouement of that critique. What happens next I do not know. It has been interesting to watch though. I dont believe Owen Smith is the answer, blairism is dead, the progressives were always cunts but I do know that a hard left c;lique leaving us without any opposition in parliament and exploiting austerity is what I have been following since 2010 and this is not a departure, more a conclusion.


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