James Meadway. John McDonell’s advisor. The benefits of a constitutional crisis(like brexit?)

This is the mentality we are dealing with McDonell and Corbyn. The covert narcissism of the culture around Corbyn means all accusations are admissions. A constitutional crisis like the brexit vote that triggered their actions is beneficial to these people for their aims. Meadway is ex SWP. Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t want to be in office and doesn’t want to lead a parliamentary Labour Party, he said as much here. But there are benefits to holding the front bench of the house of commons hostage. Not for us. The Labour Party is a tactic. For us it’s just 30 years Tory rule, a political vacuum and a slow drift to irrelevance and instability. For them it’s an opportunity to win some victory for their fantasy left at our expense. Trust fund socialism has always left a trail of destruction in its wake, we are just badges for these people. The austerity that destroyed lives around us, just an opportunity, like Brexit. The fact that they could be tipping a country over the edge, neither here or nor there. Populism a tool. The hope of the people just desperate for change, disposable fuel that will be forgotten tomorrow.jamesmeadway


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