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The threat posed to political media by the internet was never the noise that could be whipped up, the faux tribalism, or the astroturf, but the power of careful observation and chronology and the revelation of the elite cultures and institutions who manufacture media narratives as they moved into a chatroom.. Watching Labour manufacture an anticuts movement to protect Labour and prevent discussion of austerity, watching them perfect astroturf, occasionally finding myself on the receiving end of it, was never supposed to end with all the named characters observed attempting a takeover of the Labour Party. I for one would like to thank the elite left for giving this blog an end which makes it sellable in future.

The labour left were only ever the protective seal around neo liberalism. I knew from the start their disintegration would be important. I never knew they would try and take the Labour Party with them. That all the main characters from this blog have coalesced around the Corbyn personality cult is a gift. I would like to say thank you. There is a book in there when am ready to collate it. I wonder if they will have taken out the Labour Party when that happens.


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