3 candidates for Labour leadership

1- A left wing candidate whose window was bricked for challenging the incumbent.

2- Wants to rewrite Clause 4, move last Blairism, opposed welfare reform, and asked that that be Labour’s official position. Wants inequality to be at the core of all Labour policy and wishes to lead a parliamentary party in parliament.

3- Incumbent. Wishes to impose a system where parliamentary democracy is replaced with twitter noise, thinks the best way to lead parliamentary party is to have no parliamentary party to oppose the Tories, wishes to remove the ability of MPs to challenge party leaders as a response to Chilcot, and is funded by trade unions who said some cuts are ok as long as its social care users, social workers, and low paid members of that union who pay.  Speaks well at approved rallies.




One thought on “3 candidates for Labour leadership

  1. Dear defytheeconomy, Thank you for writing this, I’d just emerged from counselling for childhood abuse from a covert narcissist when this Labour Party crisis struck. I recognised the scenario, but didn’t know how to explain to my Labour Party friends, who are being deceived by all the Gaslighting. I’ve just posted your blog on my FB page as I outed myself as a victim of abuse. Thank you for making it easier for me to tell others and let’s hope we can expose the full horrors of this situation in time for the leadership ballot.


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