Theresa May and a snap election

Theresa May is our new Prime Minister. The Tories have learned from the Labour chaos and Andrea Leadsom has I assume been told to stand down. We have a new PM. Angela Eagle has launched a leadership campaign, and I feel sorry for her. The electorate may be the best people to deal with SWP, Militant and Corbyn right now. It doesn’t make a difference to the country because we are now in Tory hegemony and May will increase the Tory majority and secure her position. If Labour cannot deal with the hard left who have preserved themselves, it really might be best for everyone to let the electorate do it. Maybe Peoples Momentum could do the campaigning the local activists they bully wont do. Future Fair for All sank as a slogan, maybe Vote Labour You Tory Zionist Blairite Scum will win over voters.

I would strongly advise Labour to keep Corbyn on the leadership ballot, and let the elctorate deal with him. This culture should never have been allowed to preserve themselves at such cost, maybe the electorate do need to sort it for them.



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