The Prime Minister elect

Theresa May has made her first statements. There have been tussles about when Cameron has to leave Downing Street, and she will be Prime Minister on Wednesday. Her cabinet is likely to include Chris Grayling which doesn’t inspire confidence, but she has placed her stake firmly on the centre ground. An inequality platform which bears a striking resemblance to that sold by Ed Miliband, and in doing so she has ended the reign of the Bullingdon boys. Not quite what I expected but where the economic and social policy tides have to be. The most remarkable thing. The Conservatives have removed the sting from the crisis Labour are in, moved politics left, and if Theresa May calls a snap election Labour will lose about 100 seats I think. Am not a psephologist but I think her appeal may be a lot broader than just Tory voters.

Especially as the Leader of the Opposition has declared we need no opposition while his personality cult threatens to tear the party apart. The question is not who will win a snap election. There is no question that Theresa May will increase the Tory majority. The question is what will be left of Labour when it is done and will a new party form to fill the vacuum or can this one be returned to being a functioning political party. It is abundantly clear that this cannot happen unless Labour address the toxicity of their grassroots, the far left, the SWP, Militant and Len McCluskey. There is no guarantee that that can be done.

It turns out this blog was documenting the death of the liberal class after all and it may have been documenting the final years of the Labour Party and how inequality destoyed them. The country is breathing a sigh of relief at Theresa May, and to all intents and  purposes it looks like the Tories have saved us from chaos the Labour left were intent on creating. A poll of union members has shown that the support expressed for Corbyn by leadership is not expressed by members, which anyone with a pair of eyes and ears already knew. And we head to another election where there is no difference between the Tories and Labour on the key issue at stake. This time #brexit. Corbyn is determined that his lexiteers will remove any chance of an opposition to #brexit and this will be remembere. Another Labour leader with a messianic personality cult overriding democracy with huge costs that cannot yet be calculated.

At this point it is hard to care what happens to the Corbyn cult who have taken the Labour Party hostage. Only the cherry on the cake after watching the Labour left prevent discussion of the inequality which led us here. A new age is dawning and it may just be that the Labour Party are not part of that new age as a clique of elite left factionalists try to drag it back to a 1975 that never existed. ‘Respect the mandate’ could have been the cry as democracy dies, but Theresa May can now walk into an election and solidify her position. While Tory firepower is aimed at the far left cult who should have been dealt with years ago. The centre position is ready to redefine and it will be the Tories who do it. Not Labour. Whether Labour survive this is another matter.


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