Message to Diane Abbot, Paul Mason and the bubble around Jeremy Corbyn

While I appreciate you telling people the only people opposed to Corbyn are into torture and rendition, the abuse by Corbyn supporters is vicious and unrelenting. Could you please stop whipping up online mobs to abuse women, giving those mobs the impression they are doing this to avenge the Iraq war and austerity, and telling them this is acceptable. Before someone gets hurt.

You don’t appear to be able to control the tail that is now wagging the dog and the people being abused are not just MPs, but your supporters spend their days seeking out people discussing Corbyn, soliciting other people to abuse anyone they find guilty of treachery and someone is going to get hurt. I appreciate that as the elite this is not a problem for you and this is standard in the brutal war that exists entirely in your heads to justify undermining democracy in a week of national crisis, but I would quite like not to be the person that ends up getting hurt. Am not in fact a war monger. Am a single mother, an ex union member, and have spent 6 years actually living with the austerity you exploit.


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