Internet hysteria and the new politics

We currently have an internet mob assisting in a coup of the front bench in the House of Commons, using an internet conspiracy theory and actual union power and money. The history of the Labour’s left attempts at astroturfing, the artificial creation of the appearance of grassroots movement is not new. Since they drank the Blue State Digital Kool Aid of Obama’s campaigns, to Netroots, to the Peoples Assembly, the Labour left and unions have been perfecting this. We need to discuss how hysteria is whipped up on the internet and we need to discuss how we limit the ability of people funding this to exploit this to threaten democracy. When I started looking at this it was because I accidentally came into contact with them through being invited to speak at Netroots. This latest incarnation is a demonstration of what I saw then. This needs to be addresssed. Twitter is not democracy. Nor is internet hysteria whipped up to attempt a coup and occupation of the front benches without democratic mandate. This is no longer harmless.

The left have always struggledwith the difference between being useless and having no effect. When the effect you have is disenfranchising people and attacking democracy itself, being useless is not an excuse.


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