A note to Paul Mason

First of all Paul, you ARE the elite. Secondly, parliamentary authority comes from only one place and that is the voting booth. Six years ago we needed to see the strength of the labour movement. OUR trade unions refused to fight austerity because some cuts were ok as long as it was their members and it was Labour policy too. Because they failed to have that fight we have generated social policy crises which could destabilise a government. Those trade unions are women’s trade unions, the skilled and important jobs which make our public services run. Health, child protection, social care. We were told loud and clear between 2010 and 2016 that those trade unions were not there to represent us, they were there to represent Labour.

That they are now threatening to challenge democracy itself using the power they stole from us, the money they took from us, while those crises develop, for Jeremy Fucking Corbyn, a Labour politician, tells you everything you need to know about our labour movement. When this is done the Labour and Trade Union link needs to be broken and we want our trade unions back.

But you Paul, ARE the elite. Mark Serwotka, Len McCLuskey, and Dave Prentis ARE the elite and they are the elite because they stole our collective voices and trade unions and our money. How dare you go on television and state you want to challenge democracy itself using our money and our unions. You have thrown away your reputation as a journalist and openly stated you are part of the Labour family and have the right to do this. THis is not Syriza. Syriza had democratic mandate and a genuine popular movement. You can’t get democratic mandate by demanding parliamentary authority come from ANYWHERE but the voting booth. Certainly not with union funded astroturf and stolen political power.


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