A genuine popular movement on the streets

Today there are tens of thousands of people marching and protesting. This is an organic spontaneous demand, a popular movement, shouting for democratic representation. They are marching against brexit and to demand examination of the referendum and the decision to leave Europe. They have hundreds of MPs desperate to represent them in the Labour Party.

A small far left sect made up of the elite have decided they cannot have democratic representation. Apparently the collection of astroturf demonstrations organised by Peoples Momentum, a rentamob funded by trade unions who serve a labour faction and not their members is democratic mandate but a spontaneous popular movement supported by hundreds of democratically elected MPs is not. Who knew?

After deliberately sabotaging the Remain Campaign, Jeremy Corbyn’s SWP sect has decided that the people pouring through London’s streets do not require representation and will be bullying his MPs and holding the country hostage to prevent any opposition to the Brexit he wanted so he could exploit.

You are a despot Jeremy and will never be forgiven for this. You sabotaged the Remain Campaign and have made sure that  both front benches are pro-brexit to ensure the people pouring out on the streets today cannot have democratic representation and are bullying your MPs so they cannot represent those people. Resign. Now.


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