A message to the white male left getting uppity with me

When that letter to Jeremy Corbyn goes viral tomorrow, you will start abusing me. You will swarm and you will say whatever you think will upset me. I need you to understand this. I don’t care. It is water off a ducks back and I am well used to the wrath of the misogynist, racist, hard left, who work in symbiosis with the far right. I am a believer in QED. I have said you are abusive and now you will swarm because you are too stupid to know what you are demonstrating publicly. Bring it on. You demonstrate how you attack working class women to protect the elite and you demonstrate exactly HOW you create a seal round neo liberalism.


4 thoughts on “A message to the white male left getting uppity with me

  1. No desire to attack you, its an interesting letter and an interesting perspective. But as a white male, though not on the left, I have to say that its wrong to treat individuals as members of a class you have strong feelings about in the way you are doing. Its all wrong if its based on religion, ethnicity, age, gender, colour, whatever. You should think about this. Derogatory and hostile remarks about white males are really no more acceptable than the same thing about Jews, blacks, muslims, old people, Scots, women…. They are all unpleasant expressions of irrational prejudice.

    Momentum and before them Militant are an unpleasant lot. The great moral offence of New Labour was pretty much as you describe it.

    But abusing a bunch of people because they were born white and male is part of the problem, its not part of the solution. Not long after that on this road we end up with the left’s anti-Zionism migrating into its anti-Semitism.

    Criticise their attitudes and behaviour. They are in control of those. Think about it.


  2. Left-wing White Male “””Elite””” here:

    Give those bullying Corbynista bastards absolute hell.

    All the best.


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