Who created the far right threats of recent years?

The BNP. They were rejected at every turn. They got media attention, were treated as a serious party by the Westminster media, but never by the British public.

EDL- Used the language the Labour Party used to launch the War on Terror. Couldn’t mobilise at all, completely rejected by the British people. Shared a liking for social media with the left, entirely sustained by the anti-fascists and centre left media pretending theu were the voice of the working class. Given legitimacy by Blue Labour. Tommy Robinson eventually just took the media platform they gave him, because the EDL were rejected and he couldn’t mobilise them. Every time the left gave EDL support and airtime real life mosques were targeted and that life was used to threaten and harm real people.

UKIP- Given endless TV appearances and legitimised entirely by Westminster media.Rejected by the British public and used to legitimise racism and fascism in mainstream political parties.

Katie Hopkins- A career entirely based on twitter outrage. Given a media platform because she kept the left busy. Allowed to sell fascist hate speech and entirely a creation of the left.


The left need a construction of a white, racist working class. The left are rejected and so are the far right and their symbiotic relationship has consequences for the rest of us. The far right are an expression of fear and loathing of the working class and the people who pay for them being legitimised are blamed for their existence. Someone needs to hold our media culture to account. HOw that can be done I do not know. The centre left need the far right, the working class do not. They create the threat and then blame us for it and it needs to end.

The far right are an expression of loathing of the working class by the media cultures who disenfranchise us. An expression of their racism. Their xenophobia. Their fear. And their lack of legitimacy. Thankfully they will NEVER get a toehold with the British public. Who are not as stupid as those who make their living selling this bullshit.



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