Suggested Social Media Guidance for Labour

1- Everything you do and say on social media is visible. Not just invidually but as a culture. Creating a visible echochamber in a chatroom is not the same as winning over voters. See GE2010 and 2015.

2- Every person you speak to on Twitter is a potential Labour voter. As you are not entitled to their vote, it is best not to abuse them for falling outside your political identity and to remember you need them not to remember your abuse when they see that Labour box on a ballot slip. That will lose you a vote you need.

3- You need a party structure that allows you to thrash out ideological differences and allows ideas to evolve in response to changing context. You cannot play out fixed factional conflicts in a chatroom where the electorate are watching you.

4- If you are going to have factional conflict playing out live on twitter, using a hashtag, it is best that at least ONE of those factions has a) public support b) an economic and social policy position that actually addresses our current crisis c) you still need to remember you are doing this publicly.

5- Pathologising dissent when your view is only held by a few thousand people in a ccountry of 64million people, demonstrates something about you. Something you don’t want voters to know. Something that will make them refuse to vote for you.

6- You need to remember that Twitter is not the electorate. Sometimes just having the argument on twitter is a bad idea. Getting agreement on twitter is easy but you may be demonstrating cultural problems which scare people and mean they won’t vote for you.

7- If you think your party identity gives you the right to abuse peope on the internet, you might want to see someone. But at the very least understand that when you do that publicly you are telling voters you are a risk and a threat and not a possible solution they may vote for.

8- Dont confuse twitter with the real world. It just cost you an election and it will cost you another


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