Did my views on trans women change?

First of all I don’t have a right to have a ‘view’ on another person’s existence. Secondly, woman are made. Gender is a construct imposed onto sexed bodies, through the expectation they will carry out unpaid labour because of their reproductive capacities, through gender faultlines marked out by violence and sexual violence. That is what upheld a traditional family structure that only ended in the last quarter of the last century. Trans women acutely vulnerable to that violence and disproportionately harmed by it, are women just by virtue of the fact their existence is shaped by that inequality.

However, the following is never feminism:


1 Treating women as objects in your identity and demanding they change their reality to suit your identity. Demanding women use a term you define to identify themselves as a subset of their own gender.

2- Demanding that gender inequality is not discussed because it is offensive to you.

3- Demanding that women do not discuss their reproductive capacities, their biology.

4-Demanding that women pretend gender inequality is not rooted in women’s reproductive capacities.

6- Telling women they can only discuss inequality they face without discussing the biology at the core of it.

6- Demanding women change their sexual orientation because you are entitled to have them treat your penis as a female organ.

7- Attacking women for expressing sexual autonomy because it is transphobic to not want dick.

8-Threatening women with violence, ending their career, and harassment if they discuss gender inequality as related to their biology.

9- Demanding women not be allowed to describe their sex, their biology, their lives, unless it fits with your identity.

10- Demanding women do not discuss male violence as a demarking line of gender divide.

11- Blaming women for male violence.

12 – demanding women lose the very limited protection from male violence they have to make you feel better.

13- demanding women’s perception alter to suit your reality and identity.

None of these things are new. They are as old as the hills. They are the hallmarks of abusive relatioships and the hallmarks of male control over women. They are misogyny. Hatred of women. That media feminism decided this was feminism is because media feminism is about the fringes of a misogynist elite media culture.

None of these things help trans women. All of these things are about making women invisible, denying them the language to discuss inequality they face and perpetuating gender inequality that is thousands of years deep so they will continue to be responsible for gendered labour and wont be able to discuss it.

Appropriating the language of feminism for misogyny is a problem. That is not about denying trans women anything. Trans women need the discussion of structural inequality that they face part of. Feminism is not about controlling the worlds women so they have to concentrate on managing your identity instead of the lives they face because of structural inequality imposed on them for being women. Women did not choose the things attributed to our gender, even if you value them. They are not an innate part of womanhood. If your identity is so fragile you need women to manage it for you, that is about you, not them. There is no female brain that meant women wanted to be subservient for years. There is the responsibilities that still fall disproportionately to women, there is economic inequality rooted in this, there is the reason feminism existed in the first place. Which has not gone away.









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