Email to my daughters school. FAO Nicky Morgan

Hi, am writing this email to express concern over the curriculum for year 4. First of all I am acutely that this is not the schools choice and this about the Depatrment for Education and this is NOT a complaint about the school, or the teaching X gets, which is exceptional.(Mr.X especially has been an exceptional teacher).
She is being taught things she is too young for. She is being taught english language concepts that ares for year 6s and some is stuff I wasnt taught till high school, The same goes for some maths. She is being taught concepts that are not suitable for year 4. I know the school have no choice in this and cannot stress enough that this not a complaint about the school. But as a parent I wish it placed on record that I feel this is detrimental to children and that far from teaching them impressive things, it is creating a pressure which will make them feel like they ar efailing and are not bright enough to learn things they should not be learning at all. It is stealing from them.
I feel the most important part of her school eductaion at this level is to develop a love of learning and not to be able to recite things which are largely not that important and they have plenty of time to learn.
I am emailing so that my concerns are on record and so that if the school feel they need to object to this they have parental concern supporting that objection.
I have told xxx that some of this stuff she doesnt need to know yet, and not to worry if she does not get it. This is not to undermine the school but to make sure that as she gets older she retains a love of learning, which I feel is the most important thing she can get from her education.

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