10.09.11 Facebook conversation between me and Owen Jones

  • http://lisaansell.posterous.com/apologies A blog post. I apologise if you were hurt that I called you a parasite. I read your book. Some of your analysis is outstanding. And the situation you describe is very real, with very real consequences for many of us. Who have no political representation and live with one issue all year. The same issue. You don’t understand why I am angry, because you dont live with one sole issue all year. You choose which issues you care about. For those of us who have had every turn in fighting what is happening to us, co-opted by the labour left- there is real anger. I apologise if my comments caused offence, but they are absolutely justified. Your book would have been outstanding, had you bothered giving your subjects agency, and not used them for your own career within the party doing this to them. Us. I won’t contact you again, but I did want to clarify= as your tweet seemed to be confused as to why I was so mean, and angry.

    I called 4 prominent labour membersr of our professional Labour ‘left’ parasites last week. It apparently caused offence, and they didnt understand why I was so angry. Because of ‘whatever’ cause I had. So I thought I would clarify: A parasite is: 1. An organism that lives in or on another organism …
  • 10 September 2011
  • Facebook User
    10/09/2011 15:00

    Facebook User

    Yeah, not quite sure what to say if I’m honest. I tweeted you not in reference to anything you tweeted at me – it was before you mentioned me, I was only aware of that because someone told me the other dat – but because of what comes across as your tendency to be pretty horrible to people, which doesn’t really help whatever cause you’re trying to further (and I’m not really sure what that is if I’m going to be brutally honest). The idea I’m trying to further any kind of political career is – I’m afraid – one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever heard – and to anyone who actually knows me. I have absolutely no political ambition whatsoever – what point would there being on the Labour left if that was true?! It might shock you but I wrote a book about an issue I cared about, and I want Labour to represent the people it was set up to represent. You might disagree with me tactically – fair enough – but the idea I’ve just leapt on an issue to further my career is a joke. I think your anger would be best directed against those who are waging war against working class communities, rather than trying to seek out and destroy people on the left you wrongly think are on some kind of power trip. Finally, I can’t make you be nice to people, but you’re only damaging yourself when you attack people in the way you do. Owen

  • Lisa Maria Idge
    10/09/2011 15:50

    Lisa Maria Idge

    Labour are waging that war Owen. Complicit with the tories. And am not seeking out anyone. Do you know what Sunny did to me? DO you know people are angry?

    Your analysis in that book was nothing short of outstanding, until you addressed Labour. And I responded because I got a tweet saying you thought I was being mean. I am not being mean Owen. People, including me are justifiably angry.

    In the past year the Labour left have gone out of their way to appropriate EVERY constructive means of protest against what is happening. Even though the policies that did it are, and always were, Labour policies. Do you know about the Unison activists who have been drummed out of their jobs and union for questioning the Labour affiliation-the one that demands they be hit hardest, first, and without discussion? Or the women across the country who aren’t allowed to say they have been forced out of work, and it was a Labour policy too? Or the mosques in your area of London, targetted by the EDL after they objected to the endorsement of EDL by Maurice Glasman? Does it not strike you as odd that welfare reform disapeared from politically affiliated pages and the line ‘women are disproportionately affected by the cuts’ was NEVER followed up by an examination of why the welfare reform and local authority cuts Labour were absolutely committed to would have this effect? I have not been mean Owen.

    I was called THick and described because I made this speech at netroots:http://grassroots.mirocommunity.org/video/2347/lisa-ansell-speaking-at-netroo He, Jessica Assato and Jennifer Mahony- couldnt have someone say that Labour were not the solution- so they decided between them that this-http://www.newleftproject.org/index.php/site/article_comments/netroots_the_lowdown/ Was the way to deal with it.

    Noone seeks out members of the left. The left decided that chavs, scroungers, and single mothers, werent welcome in their debate because Labour were committed to what was happening. Because peopel like you can talk for them and then they dont have to consider reality.

    I don’t believe it is intentional with you. But your book actually did show the problem. You understand fully the problem Owen- but your blindness to Labour means you continue to speak on behalf of people your party is waging war on.

    You are a blind young man, and I felt bad for describing you in the same breath as Ellie Gerard and Sunny- who both know EXACTLY what they are doing and dont care. Cos you clearly do care- but that does not change the effect of your blindnness. You operate in a ‘left’ bubble- and your blindness to the effect of all of your actions on others is the problem Owen.

    I am not mean. I am a person who has just found out precisely how political circles ensure that the subjects you pontificate about, are completely powerless to defend themselves against what is happening.

    Lisa Ansell speaking at Netroots UK
    Contribution to the workshop on Digital equality: how can women get engaged online? Filmed by Leah Borromeo (fryingpanfire.com)
  • Lisa Maria Idge
    10/09/2011 15:51

    Lisa Maria Idge

    And Susan says you are a lovely young man. Which I have no doubt of.

  • Lisa Maria Idge
    10/09/2011 15:53

    Lisa Maria Idge

    And I don’t think it is a power trip at all. I don’t even think it is intentional half the time, although when people like Ellie and Sunny do it it is fully intentional and they don’t mind people knowing. For instance Sunny had no problem telling a woman on ESA, who was also facing housing benefit cuts that she was a loser for not believing in Labour- after she had clearly evidenced labour’s position.

  • 10 September 2011
  • Lisa Maria Idge
    10/09/2011 23:10

    Lisa Maria Idge

    Ellie gerard. Not mae.

  • 12 September 2011
  • Lisa Maria Idge
    12/09/2011 18:43

    Lisa Maria Idge

    After I sent you these messages your status updates started coming onto the new facebook notifications sidebar. I am assuming you don’t want me to have access to that, so will block your account so I can’t see them. You may want to notify facebook or something

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