A reminder to Jess Phillips about the Labour Leadership contest

I don’t buy Corbyn mania, but this was the women’s issue at stake in the Labour leadership bid.

Do you believe that the benefit system should be transformed so that all financial independence is removed, not just from this generation of mothers earning the national average or less, but every generation from now on? Do you believe that we should use the financial crisis as an excuse to do this? Do you believe that women should die and children should be hurt as a solution to the financial crisis. THese are the positions of the candidates.

Burnham- yes

Liz Kendal- yes

Yvette Cooper- yes if I can use their corpses to cry about domestic abuse and make myself look like a feminist.

Corbyn- no.

Every candidate in that race was absolutely clear they felt women should die and that every generation of women from now should have the ability to leave domestic abuse removed, under the guise of welfare reform. This affects not just this generation of millions of women, but every generation after. Except Corbyn. The only candidate not firmly anti-women.


Dear Jess,

Your working class feminist bullshit is not actually enough to gloss over the fact that you know this, and you just declared that Jeremy Corbyn was a misogynist. There is a special place for women like you. Feminism 101, when you want to do that to women and will as Harriet Harman tried to, threaten your party to make sure t happens, you are a misogynist. When you will do this crying feminism you are a sociopath.

I dont thnk Jeremy Corbyn is electable. But the reason people wont vote Labour is because you are cunts, ad while he may not be electable, he is nowhere near the levels of misogyny you demonstrate and couldn’t touch Creasy, Harman, Cooper and Kendal on that score. When you are demanding that women pay for the deficit lie at the ed of a fist, knowing how many women die at the hands of partners and ex partners, that isn’t actually feminism. Ever.

But you already know that and don’t give a fuck.

One thought on “A reminder to Jess Phillips about the Labour Leadership contest

  1. I fucking love this.

    Presumably, once the working class women are all dead (or living in neo-workhouses sans their children, who have been adopted out), she’ll turn to abusing working class men.

    Ladies first!


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