Terrorist colour chart

When I encountered the ‘radical’ left around Laurie Penny and James Butler, the thing that really stood out was that this was the first time I had EVER met people who could openly discuss their intention to use violence and could call it ‘activism’. I come from a world where conspiring to commit acts of violence makes you a criminal and the justice system views you harshly. I used to watch amused as they dissected protests and discussed their assaults on police officers, and the black masks they wore that didn’t hide their accents. Pondering living in a country where the rules were so different according to class and where an Oxbridge link and the right family, mean you do not abide by the rules everyone else does.

This is the clearest example of this I have seen in my life in the UK. Like most kids who have spent time in the Looked After System, I know that breathing the wrong way can get some people a criminal record and was astonished to see these young men and women who walked in a world where you were just enttled to be violent if you wanted and you could call it tactics.

That isn’t a reality most of us have. It’s a reality that would lose me my child and get most people I know locked up.

In the US being black makes a broken tail light something that puts you at risk of loss of life at police hands. A boy with a toy gun can be shot for being threatening. You skip a few shades on the colour chart and you can shoot up an abortion clinic in a massacre egged on by the mainstream press, and you are fighting for the unborn. An armed group of white terrorists have taken over a wildlife sanctuary and are not seen as a threat.

It’ amazing the differnce class, race, gender make.

Entitlement. Funny business.




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