Simon Danczuk

Many moons ago I wrote a letter  to Simon Danczuk which Artist Taxi Driver ended up reading out loud in his cab.

I wrote it because I was watching Simon Danczuk put girls who had been groomed at risk, exploiting child rape to suit racist ends. I said there was no cover up. There was just a reflex. When it comes down to it its an equation, who is worth more, the abuser or the the person they groomed. It looks like a cover up, but its really not. Very rarely is that person even seen as a person. As someone who grew up in care I know viscerally the way the damage we do to vulnerable children is used by abusers to act with impunity.

When Simon Danczuk and his ex wife Karen separated, I was horrified to see the Daily Mirror actively abusing her on his behalf, accusing her of affairs and god knows what else. They are adults. While watching a political newspaper actively engage in domestic abuse on behalf of an MP told me a great deal about the way our political cultures operate, I didnt care that much.

Now I care. Simon Danczuk took note of the processes involved in grooming, and used his position as an MP to attempt to sexually exploit a 17 year old. A 17 year old so vulnerable that she apparently was already at risk of falling into sex work and had put her toes in that water. In one of the poorest towns in Britain. When his dirty little spankweasel texts made the papers, I wasn’t surprised that a he had done this. I was very interested to see that the PR strategy he presumably paid for, which the Daily Mirror helped to deliver, had taken note of what Mr.Danzcuk learned about sexual abuse.

The Daily Mirror (on his behalf  and presumably as part of a PR strategy he paid for) said that the girl(it is absolutely confirmed Mr.Danczuk groomed) is a slag and this means that its ok for Mr.Danzcuk as an MP to groom her in this way. Because vulnerable 17 year olds are unabusable. That is what they are for, and grown men dont have to resist the urge.

The first wife of the erstwhile member for Rochdale has come out and been clear that she believes Mr.Danczuk raped her, and has detailed an abusive life consistent with a victim of a narcissist. We have all witnessed him using the Daliy Mirror to abuse his second wife.

My local mayor Steph Booth thinks that the threat to Labour culture from Mr.Danczuk being a self confessed danger to women, is not very fair and that both the wife and the victim of his grooming are the problem. I’ve watched deranged Blairites decide that the only possible reason Mr.Danczuk could be a serially abusive sexual predator is Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyns followers appear deligted that women were exploited and harmed, because it suits their needs to have Simon expelled from the party.

I thank Mr.Danczuk for demonstrating the point I made in that letter. I thank the Daily Mirror, my local Labour Party, and the national Labour Party for demonstrating why they have to go. Why we must never let them near power again.

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