Headlines after a terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood

Apparently, people are searching for clues…We don’t know what the motive was…He’s a lone gunman and probably had mental health issues or past brushes with the law..

Because the war on women these terrorists fight is sanctioned by the US establishment and media. Because their terrorism doesn’t need to source dodgy videos on the dark web, they can tune into Fox.

The month Rupert Murdoch used the Fox British Arm to incite racial hatred, to escalate violence and bring closer the conflict those behind ISIS want….

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the terrorists apart. Organised masculinity and hatred of women bind them, and they all want the same thing…We have a media culture guiding parliamentary debate on how to give it to them that reminds me of kids crowding round a fight trying to escalate it in the playground. And next to no way of stopping what they are creating.

Once this is done, once whatever this is has played out, never again. This time we learn.


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