Initial thoughts after Paris

I feel sick. I told Rachel that something bad happened and to remember things like that are rarer. I said it knowing they are going to become less rare. I watched as different people used the tragedy to cement existing views, a clear line between those whose response is more hate and those whose response was to fear the hate that is coming.

I am glad I am not a muslim right now, and I know that this is a catalyst event. With crisis one can see what will underpin them, what is preventing them being addressed but never how they play out. We responded to 9/11 by pouring petrol on the fire and its the only response we have as political media cultures drive us deeper and deeper and deeper into the depths of arrogance and hate. The threat now created more real than anything we have seen, and we are a continent not used to conflict on our doorstep. The camp in Calais is burning, Japan issued a Tsunami warning and in two hours the world went to shit.

In a few years this is one of the moments I will remember. Twitter demonstrates the misinformation, bullshit, and tribalism it is known for, and the mainstream media are stunned into following the only path they know.

It’s hard to say where we are. Multifaceted crisis, geo political faultlines, inequality faultlines, financial faultlines, and a terrorist fire we only have petrol to douse.

The borders are closed around France, I daren’t watch the news. It was over a 100 dead in one site last time I looked, but am ignoring the news and watching old episodes of Charmed. Billy Zane is wooing Pheobe Halliwell and we are pretend shopping for 12th scale doll house furniture we will probably end up making.

I don’t know what to say. My thoughts are with those in Paris and I am relieved when someone marks themself safe through social media. Tomorrow the world will seem different but it hasn’t changed, the crisis we are in just escalated as it was always going to. Arrogant speculation over how is pointless right now. This is the transition from one age to another and change is never pretty.


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