Am a TERF who thinks that anyone taking the shit to live like a woman is a woman, and should be treated as such. Am a TERF who thinks that the violence and marginalisation of trans women is an acute concern that needs to be addressed and is directly rooted in male violence, so that is a feminist concern.

Am a TERF who thinks women addressing the marginalisation that they experience in patriarchy, are feminists, and that includes trans women.

Yet am a TERF, who should probably die in a fire because I know that rape is not a civil rights issue, women should not be expected to treat their biology as shameful, and because I know that hounding and harassing women to silence them is misogyny and force them to fit with your self image is misogyny.

So yes, am a TERF who objects to misogyny and abuse and violence against women, because I don’t think trans women as feminists requires every other woman on the planet reconceptualising her own identity, gender, and don’t think women should be afraid of discussing their biology.

So if am a TERF, let it be so.


2 thoughts on “Am a TERF

  1. No women is a “TERF” or a slut, they are both just markers men toss on women they want to punish, markers that declare them women that aren’t worthy of protection and suitable for public scorn and violence. “TERF” is the new witch, same patriarchal repression with a new look.

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    • ‘TERF’ as a marker tossed on women or as the new ‘witch’ didn’t come from patriarchy, it came from the likes of Laurie Penny. Penny and her ilk first coined the term, and I think you will find that the patriarchy hasn’t got a clue what a ‘TERF’ is.

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