The new frontiers of feminism

Gender is fluid, mutable, and people are expressing their gender in ways they want to and that is progress. Gender roles inflicted on sexed bodies were a source of violence, oppression and the belief that women were nothing more than extensions of men’s self image.

Feminism happened. It’s partly why people have the right to escape those gender roles. Here is what are not new frontiers in feminism:

The right to violate a woman’s bodily autonomy because your identity demands that she be your sexual partner.

The right to demand a woman change her identity to suit your self image.

The right to demand women do not speak of their biology because it upsets you.

When the ‘cotton ceiling’ was briefly considered a thing, it was because a small group of misogynists appropriated the language of feminism to strategise how to override a woman’s bodily autonomy.

Gender fluidity is not fighting for equal right to violate and dictate to women. That is tribes competing with men for a slice of patriarchy. Men will let this happen because misogyny, patriarchy, and millenia of history. Misogyny is not feminism, not ever. Rape is not feminism. The right to rape is not feminism. The right to abuse women is not feminsm.

People freeing themselves of traditional gender roles, living as they want to, often experience extraordinary violence, abuse, and marginalisation. Fighting for the right to violate women, to force women to reconceptualise their identity, the right to force women not to mention their biology, won’t fix it. Won’t make you feel better. Not feminism.


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