Gayle Newland and it’s not ‘rape rape’.

A young woman met a man online. She wanted to be loved. She was raped repeatedly with a dildo she didnt consent to penetrating her. She was deceived not just over weeks but months, and the psychological abuse she was subjected to was beyond anything I can imagine.

Apparently she was asking for it. Was a bigot and therefore the man, who turned out not to be a man but a woman, had every right to do this to her. It was just a little deception. She is overreacting. The victim here is the woman who did this to her. She is lying because what she was subjected to is so unbelievable that it must be in her imagination. Even though there is a conviction and reams of evidence demonstrating the extraordinary lengths her abuser went to to do this to her, this is an alleged offence. It’s not ‘rape, rape’. The court heard that Newland had approached other potential victims.

We have to balance the homophobia her abuser was subjected to in sentencing, because its unfair that the impact on her and the premeditation this involved resulted in a prison sentence. The minimum for the crimes she committed.

Maybe if she hadn’t been such a bigot and been so squeamish and just said yes, and accepted her cunt was not a part of her body but public property to be used at will, the true victim of this crime would not be in prison.

It’s not like when Julian Assange raped women and said the same thing. It’s not like Ched Evans. At all. This is one of those grey areas, where women need to get to grips with the fact that identity politics means that when they are raped by someone who isn’t an asian male it isn’t rape. Except it isn’t treated as rape when it’s an asian male. Or a white male. Or a celebrity. Or a footballer. Or a lesbian. Or a trans woman. Because what women need to get to grips with is that their bodies do not belong to them but exist entirely for other people to use when they need to.

Everyone is outraged that Gayle Newland is in prison. While her victim is put on trial by media for being abused in a way that most people could not imagine. This is the world we live in and this is what vacuous identity politics looks like.


6 thoughts on “Gayle Newland and it’s not ‘rape rape’.

    • Oh sweety, every time a woman alleges rape she is put on trial with the same misogyny. Her victim was on the stand for days, there were psychiatrick reports and by the perpetrators own words the victim wasnt lying. But you go ahead and tell yourself that assault by penetration shouldnt be a crime cos women lie.


  1. But there are two women involved here. As we all know, women are lying liars who lie, which means … the perpetrator could also be lying!
    Or do women who rape other women get to be honorary men and therefore be considered trustworthy?


  2. I’m uncomfortable with the false equivocation between the sort of trauma that subhuman males inflict on females for the purpose of maintaining power over us, and a lesbian posing as a man because of internalized misogyny. I’m not saying what she did was morally correct, but calling it rape is a stretch and frankly borderline homophobic.


    • Really? Being repeatedly penetrated, repeatedly, with no knowledge of what you are being penetrated with, in the context of having a completely fasle reality built around you, and then ripped away? That is not just equivalent of rape, that is repeated assault aggravated by serious, very serious psychological abuse. We assess harm by offences on basis of the harm caused, not the identity of the perpetrator and the identity of the perpetrator may impact sentencing because of mitigation but the harm caused by the offence is not and yes it was equivalent to rape. Repeatedly, aggravated by severe psychological abuse of a clearly very vulnerable young women, then abused by media and with her pain dismissed. The sentencing notes alone in that case are grim reading. Telling that young woman that her pain doesnt matter because of the identity of the perpretator is exactly equivalent of harm done by men.


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