Issy Sorley, Criado Perez, Abi Wilkinson and Dapper Laughs

Dapper Laughs. Career built on encouraging, carrying out, and facilitating sexual assault on women. Also does a nice line in encouraging dangerous abuse of women online. Needed a mea culpa and a redemption so he could resume his career. Interviewed by Criado Perez.

Criado Perez, thought it was a victory for all women when a woman drunk, took part in the type of twitter storm normalised by left wing media in their twitter echochamber. Woman was drunk and yet capacity was not considered in hre sentencing, nor was the fact the threat was baseless, could not have been carried out, and was made in context of online storm of type we have all seen. Rumours that Issy Sorley was told by the editor of the New Statesman that she was to be arrested(cos that’s how justice works), after the police were spurred into over the top action by twitterstorm and spots on Newsnight. Issy Sorley went to prison, her life was destroyed, she had to walk round media with a penitent board and when faced with Caroline Criado Perez, the erstwhile Ms.Perez wouldnt even accept her apology. Living in sheltered accomodation and with inequality Ms.Perez couldn’t even imagine. Spent months trying to educate young people about the dangers of drinking, after a life blighted by alcohol. A man with a learning disability was also sent to prison.

Maybe if Issy Sorley had sexually assaulted women, encouraged others to do so and abused media profile to facilitate abuse and distortion of justice, she could have had the mea culpa Perez has just facilitated for Dapper Laughs. Having watched the abuse Abi Wilkinson got when he set his dogs on her, I am open mouthed at this.

Media feminism is about facilitating the abuse of women. Full stop. Solidarity with women? These women wouldn’t know what it is.

PS Forgot about Criado Perez’s big achievement. Getting a bank note that had been planned for two years to run on time while equality was rolled back for women like Issy Sorley. Do it like a posh woman.


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