Planned Parenthood, abortion and the lone wolf

Reproductive health service providers and providers of family planning have been subject to an ongoing, decades old terrorist campaign which has comprised not only of lone wolf after lone wolf killing doctors, people at clinics, and hate mobs outside health service providers, but has included the US establishment, the Republican Party, and the backing of organised christian faiths including the Catholic Church.

This terrorist movement openly state their desire to mirror the bloody and brutal terrorist campaign they have waged endlessly in the US, here. And picket healthcare providers who offer abortion services and have the support of the right wing media.

Headlines after a terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood

Apparently, people are searching for clues…We don’t know what the motive was…He’s a lone gunman and probably had mental health issues or past brushes with the law..

Because the war on women these terrorists fight is sanctioned by the US establishment and media. Because their terrorism doesn’t need to source dodgy videos on the dark web, they can tune into Fox.

The month Rupert Murdoch used the Fox British Arm to incite racial hatred, to escalate violence and bring closer the conflict those behind ISIS want….

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the terrorists apart. Organised masculinity and hatred of women bind them, and they all want the same thing…We have a media culture guiding parliamentary debate on how to give it to them that reminds me of kids crowding round a fight trying to escalate it in the playground. And next to no way of stopping what they are creating.

Once this is done, once whatever this is has played out, never again. This time we learn.

A post designed to lose me friends

This is a post designed to lose me friends. This is a post written knowing that I live in a world defined by the slow creep of fascism and written knowing what that looks like as it unfolds.

Since Paris, my world has been revealing itself. People I know, people who consider themselves rational and progressive, view a massacre in Paris entirely as an issue to be played out in factional party politics, would cheer on a genocide without giving a fuck.  As long as it hurt Jeremy Corbyn. People who use feminist rhetoric to welcome european countries marking women out by their faith, and criminalising them for wearing an item of clothing, will happily cheer fascism through our doors and demand you pretend its feminism and concern. And the same people who last week were demanding that every muslim on the planet apologise for something they were in no way connected with are today demanding that people ignore the latest in a long line of terrorist attacks on healthcare clinics in the US. Because massacres are ok if they are protecting an army of imaginary people who dont exist legally or medically…or at all…

Terrorism is ok as long it is aimed at women and done in the name of the christian god, and fascism is ok if it is aimed at muslims…

‘Unreserved apology’ to women tricked by police officers into relationships and having kids.

When you find out the state is entitled to sexually abuse you, it isn’t really going to be solved by ‘unreserved apology’. We need to discuss why this happened and and what the implications are for all of us. This was state sexually abusing women because it didn’t seem like that big a deal. This is a problem.

Reproductive justice, cis women, trans women.

I was sent this a few days ago. I was confused when I read it, because I wasn’t quite sure what I was reading. Adoption issues seemed fairly straightforward, but I couldn’t grasp the ‘pregnancy’ part. The ‘pregnancy’ referred to in the article was actually an exhibition of sperm in a test tube.

THis is one of those lines. The difference between gender, sex, and the limits of identity. The author of this piece wants to be a parent, and in order to do so would have to retain the reproductive capacities of a male body or freeze sperm to do so. So someone else could be impregnated on their behalf. As a trans woman she started treatment early and this has been the cause of pain.

What has not been lost here is the ability to get pregnant. Should she want to use the sperm she banks, she needs someone to gestate it into a baby. She needs a uterus and uteruses come in people. Women. She needs a surrogate. A woman who exists who will have to get pregnant and carry a baby for 9 months, and then go through childbirth or surgery so that baby can be born. This can’t be done in a machine. Women are not incubators.

Centring this woman at the core of reproductive justice requires completely erasing the surrogate who would have to carry the baby. That isn’t actually reproductive justice. The description of carrying sperm as pregnancy is erasing the person who actually has to go through this pregnancy because mentioning them is offensive. This is where the line is crossed to misogyny.

These are not straightforward issues. These are not issues resolved by pretending and shouting terf and pregnancy is a point where three people end up with a stake in one persons body. That singularity is at the core of women’s oppression worldwide. It’s why reproductive justice is about us being allowed to control our own reproductive capacities, about us being allowed to manage our own fertility, to suppress it, to own it and not have it  be the route to being abused, silenced, marginalised, exploited and made dependent. You cannot centre reproductive justice around trans women because reproductive justice is centred around the uterus and what happens when it is occupied. The singularity where 2 or 3 peoples interests are combined in one persons body. And the tendency to decide the least important person in that equation is the person with the uterus.

It is not feminism of any kind to erase women from this and describe carrying sperm as pregnancy. Its a bare faced lie. Freezing sperm is cheap, storing it is cheap, even in the US. It can get someone pregnant. Producing sperm is not pregnancy. In any way shape or form.

Trans women are women because gender is about more than sex. That doesn’t mean that gender isn’t directly rooted in sex and the inequality that trans women face is directly rooted in the inequality related to the female sex. Centering trans women in reproductive justice means recognising that reproductive justice is about the uterus and what it does and means for women everywhere. So the women who carry the babies they want to parent are treated well. Standing with women in the fight for reproductive justice for the babies gestated who are girls. Fighting for them too. Not erasing them and reducing them to incubators to be exploited as a service.


A reminder for Ms.Penny. And a joke.

The joke. Whats the difference between a narcissist and a pig rolling in its own shit. The pig knows its it’s own shit.

One cannot lie about what is done publicly, in writing, and in full view of everyone. One can only bring attention to what a narcissist is ashamed of. If Ms.Penny cannot recognise when her peers and friends are publicly abusing and harassing women, I suggest she keep that issue to herself. Me, the other victims of her peer group, we don’t have to pretend things didn’t happen or that Ms.Penny’s peer group are not dangerous and abusive. Even if they use the word left and intersectionality to justify that abuse. That is actually a classic abusive dynamic, where the victims of abuse are expected not to speak about it because it damages the self image of their abuser.

The ‘scab’ abuse of me went on for weeks publicly, and everything else that was done was done publicly. She was defending Weev in published work, and the same goes for other victims of Laurie’s peer culture. The storms against other female journalists were done openly and continued while threats against them were made and excused, while their kids were in the house, justified by that culture. If Laurie cannot detect violent and abusive behaviour to women, and cannot see it happening in front of her, and sees it as part of ‘activism’ then perhaps feminism isnt her calling after all.

FYI ‘my posh friend learned the word scab at university’is no excuse for putting a five year old girl at risk, ‘she spoke out of turn about Labour’, ‘she wrote something I don’t like’ is not actually a reason to put a child at risk or target women with children in that way. Not just me. Its a deeply dysfunctional misogynist culture around certain spots in left wing politics and media. Its function is to act as a seal and within that culture appalling behaviour is justified because it’s posh children practicing acting without accountability before they graduate into the establishment positions they are bred for. Translating traditional media and politics techniques to a digital environment at a cost of abuse to women and thinking it is normal behaviour. It isnt.

While Ms.Penny was earnestly discussing ‘intersectionality issues’ with her close friends, they were using their position to abuse women openly and publicly and calling it activism.


What kind of mother forgets living in fear with her child, especially when it was as a result of speaking to people who claim to be ‘activists and feminists’. People in my culture dont behave that way. Decency prevents it and if it didnt, the law does. We aren’t bred to act without accountabilit yand don’t think putting kids at risk is normal behaviour that could be confused with activism of any sort. It tends to stick in the memory and even if it doesnt, its all written down online and much of it not by me., Such is the level of entitlement we are discussing. How the posh left prevented opposition to austerity. The dangerous seal around media.