Note to Laurie Penny

I would be careful about demanding No Platforms.

The following are not feminism. Abusing women online, targeting female journalists at home when they have children there, validating your friends and peers when they do these things.

The level of abuse and stalking and harassment you have sanctioned amongst your peers, as ‘solidarity’ with a movement which is largely the closed social network which operates in your circles, is actual abuse of women. Not pretend abuse because someone uttered an opinion that led to one of your friends believing they had the right to break the law and actually commit crimes against women.

I would be careful about demanding no platforms for journalists who contribute to abuse and violence against women. You might find yourself without the platform your private school and Oxford education granted you. Perhaps you should learn to identify abusive behaviour and misogyny before lecturing others on why they should organise and silence women whose opinions you do not like.

There is nothing wrong with a generation recognising what went wrong with feminism. The willingness to speak heresy that defined Germaine Greers era, meant they said wrong things but broke the mould so todays women could do the same and correct their mistakes. What went wrong with that version of feminism, was it becoming a silo for white, posh, overeducated women with no understanding of inequality and an ability to hijack a cause. Just because Germaine Greer’s era is over, it doesn’t mean that you and your abusive and misogynist friends inherit the right to audition who can discuss gender inequality and how it is discussed. I would get your house in order before the things you demand bite you in the arse.

You may have forgotten Weev, or the number of female journalists Roz Kaveney and Stavvers have targetted, or the people Helen Lewis has smeared, but noone else did. Glass houses and very large stones sweetheart.


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