Feminism is over

Let patriarchy keep it. A silo women were supposed to climb into to be ignored and controlled. Useless anyway. Lets chat about equality and why it hasn’t happened, how it affects us, and I really only want to talk to people who have something to contribute to that conversation.

I am raising a daughter, and I will not be preparing her for a life in a world where her gender will be the reason she is constantly pulled down by telling her that her gender is a privilege and I will be discussing the inequality I face, with other women who deal with inequality in their own lives. I won’t be auditioning to an abusive overeducated culture of simpletons to do so.

I will be seeking to address inequality and to make sure that it ends. I have long rejected feminist as a label for fear of being associated with current vacuous media and university cultures, and I don’t feel any sadness at feminism’s passing.

I’d use the term post feminist, but really that’s been done and was a lie to tell us feminism had succeeded. It didn’t.


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