Theresa May’s speech

I didn’t watch it, I had a conversation about it this morning. It was noted that while Osborne and Cameron’s speeches were reported uncritically, Theresa May’s was not. Aspects of her speech were undoubtedly toxic, I have little time for the brand of politics she espouses. But largely the speech was not markedly different from the usual Tory fare. The disparity in the criticism comes from three things. One- No penis. Two- few friends. Three- She is taking the child abuse enquiry seriously.

Home Secretary is a job for an authoritarian arsehole and when I defend Theresa May it is with this in mind. I don’t really like her but she has done the job efficiently, and in the circles she works in, well. The disproportionate criticism she received from her own party, stems from the three reasons I have stated above.


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