Writing about the elite left

When they moved into a chatroom and declared if the future of their industry, they didn’t know that this was the primary institutions of media and politics creating an echochamber around themselves in a chatroom other people use.

For those of us who need to address the class underpinning the institutions of media and politics, this is an opportunity. You are talking about a very narcissistic culture, who see amplification of their own voice as making change. They can’t really see outside the echochamber they have created online. If you use their names they will read it. It’s a very very small echochamber and they seek out their names and fight to protect their self image in a way they will never fight for anything else. In this way you can undermine their attempts to appoint themselves gatekeepers to discussion of a reality that just isn’t theirs.

It’s almost impossible to encapsulate the entire complex economy and society of 21st century Britain in a soundbite, although theirdiscussions about ‘the working class’ attempt to do just this. It is much easier to name the small social networks, eminating from Oxford and Cambridge, with roots firmly in a class most will never meet, and making their careers in media and politics. If you use their names, their narcissism wins out and they seek out what you have written.

They will share it on facebook and express outrage at the audacity of the docile proles noticing what they have revealed online. They are not very bright, being a lefty is a glass floor for posh kids. Its what the useless ones do because they are not qualified for anything else. If you do this, you will be able to obtain a demonstration of what you have written very very quickly. A demonstration of entitlement it is almost impossible to equal. They don’t know their disintegration is key to us moving back to stability post financial crisis, and that means they can’t help but speed it up.

It is particularly useful with Labour guppies, and the Novara set. Always use names. The British left like to spout bullshit about class, but they dont really like to discuss how it works.

I really don’t know they expected to survive this transition.


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