So anyway, I don’t play computer games. Never have done. Entirely uninterested. I ignored #gamergate the way I ignore most news stories am not interested in and all twitterstorms in twitterteacups.

I tweeted some rant or other about the state of modern feminism and I noticed that a tweet was being retweeted out of context by people who claimed that as their identity. I thought nothing more about it. Next thing my twitter account is subject to some random swarm of men one really should be grateful are at home tweeting and not outside near real women.

Learned that #gamergate is this. A hashtag where weird men sit waiting for women to use the hashtag so they can pile on and overwhelm her twitter account. Nothing to do with computer games after all, so no Spyro the Dragon tips for me.

I can’t see what I have to do with a discussion about ethics in gaming journalism, so I can only assume that is a front for some crazy women hating bastards who have been schooled in the 4chan arts. My twitter account now has to be locked because I included a hashtag in a tweet, and wasn’t in posession of a penis at the time. The online equivalent of ‘she was asking for it’. I thank them for the education in what #gamergate is, and am grateful we have free speech and they can demonstrate they are scary bastars and can assure them they don’t really need to do that to stop me discussing computer games, because I have no interest in computer games at all.


4 thoughts on “#gamergate

  1. If I may?

    The first tweet you ever put in your feed that had the hashtag #GamerGate in it, was this one -> https://twitter.com/LisaMuggeridge/status/648553928053948416

    In it, you said “Dear #gamergate people taking a tweet I wrote out of context and retweeting it, dont involve me in your nasty psychotic shit.”

    All I saw afterwards, were people asking you what previous tweet you were referring to, and what nasty psychotic shit was directed at you.

    The reason it was asked it simple: you did not tweet about #GamerGate at all prior to that tweet.

    If you go to this wonderful site, http://allmytweets.net , you can plug in any username and view up to 3200 tweets that user has most recently tweeted. Even if you delete a tweet, twitter still hands it out to allmytweets.net

    Looking at your twitter feed, and looking at your aggregate across 3200 tweets for nearly a full month, the very first mention of #GamerGate is the tweet where you said you were involved in nasty psychotic shit.

    So… how did you get involved in nasty psychotic #GamerGate shit before ever tweeting #GamerGate? Please clarify. Every tweet I saw in your feed was asking this question, in a generally polite manner no less.


  2. >You people are fucking deranged.

    You people? I’m only one person. I’m quite sane, however.

    >Get over it.

    Get over what?

    >A woman said something you dont like.

    Said what? You still haven’t linked to the tweet you made that started anything. From all appearances, your own twitter account says you are lying.


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