Free Meals for Infants Scrapped

The Tories have announced they are scrapping free school meals for infants. Tribalists all over are denouncing this as taking food out of kids mouths. No, that was benefit cuts and wage suppression. The free school meals for infants policy was scrapped because it was unworkable. It was policy scribbled on the back of a fag packet to triangulate on the deliberate creation of food poverty and cos Nick Clegg was getting shit.

It was foisted on schools even though it wasnt properly costed, and no consideration was given to how school meals are actually funded. It plunged school kitchen managers into chaos as they struggled to reconcile efficient buyinga nd meal allocation into extraordinarily complex budgeting systems that had to fit with a policy that hadn’t been thought about.

For about the same price, they could have extended the free school meals that go to very low income working households, to the single parents who are very specifically excluded from this policy. Schools up and down the country are pretty much begging for this, as they manage their relationship with single parents as creditors, and it could have been delivered easily, cheaply and moved schools towards the universal free school meals the Coalition claimed they wanted.

Instead schools have been plunged into chaos for no reason. The policy was axed, not to save money, but because it was unworkable. And we need to do something about politicians scribbling policy on fag packets and giving it to schools to implement without a fucking thought.


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